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Our Credit Card Generator platform creates 100% valid and unlimited test credit cards that you can use for payment testing. After all, using a real credit card for application testing is not a good idea!

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About Diners Club Card Generator

The Diners Club card began in 1950 to be used as the first multipurpose charge card in the United States. Soon, the rising popularity made the reach of these cards from local to global.

At present, there are over 200+ countries with 45 million merchants accepting multipurpose charge cards. You can make the best of Diners Club cards at home and abroad while traveling, partying out, or in a good dining mood with loved ones.

At the credit card generator platform, we help you create free and valid Diners Club Credit card numbers for application testing purposes.

Now, let’s deep dive more about the Diners club cards and how to generate virtual credit cards using our credit card generator platform.

How to use Diners Club Credit Card Generator?

This virtual credit card generator helps you create valid card numbers for testing your payment flow in applications.

Follow the below steps to get Diners club credit card number -

  1. Open Diners Club Credit Card Generator page.
  2. Choose the card type as ‘Diners Club’
  3. Click on the Generate button. It will generate a new credit card number and the same will be reflected on the virtual credit card image.
  4. You can copy the card number, CVV, Name and other details from the card and use it in your application.
  5. To directly download the card details or to copy the details to clipboard, use Download and Copy buttons.

Now, we are acquainted with using the credit card generator platform, let’s understand more about the Diners club cards and the benefits associated with it.

Origin of Diners Club Card

Diners Club Card can be seen as the pioneering multi-purpose card which later spread worldwide. In 1950, it was New York businessman Frank McNamara, who launched the Diners Club Card in the USA. Within the next three years, it became the first known charge card used abroad.

As recorded in 1967, over 130 countries accepted the card, interestingly that's more than the total member countries of the United Nations at that time. Two decades later, it was in 1974 that the Diners Club team recorded that nearly one out of five to six cardholders owns this recreational card.

But soon within a decade, many multinational financial institutions with their ranges of credit and charge cards came to the forefront. As a result, Diners club began to fall from its market share. When the new millennium turned, in 2008 Discover Financial Services acquired Diners Club international. Those who are club members can access 1000+ airport lounges around the world as of 2019. In 2023, the card will celebrate its 73rd anniversary.

Reach of the Diners Club Card: Popular Banks

It was in July 2008, that Discover acquires Diners Club from Citibank. The deal was historical because it created a global payment processing system. As yet, more than 200 countries acknowledge the use of Diners Club cards.

ContinentsGlobal Franchise
South America
  • In Argentina - Banco Comafi, since 2013.
  • Brazil- Elo Diners Club partnership, since 2018.
  • In Australia works under National Australia Bank since 2022.


  • In India- offered by Citi Bank and HDFC Bank, from 2011.
  • China and Hong Kong - Allinpay is the exclusive carrier of the card.
  • Kazakhstan - Kazkommertsbank became the issuer in 2016.
  • In Vietnam- the Vietinbank partnered with the card issuing company in 2018.
  • In the United Arab Emirates, - the Network International Subsidiary of Emirates Bank operates it.
  • The Russian Standard Bank in 2010 had partnered with Diners Club International. (Currently suspended).
  • In Germany and Austria- the Austrian DC Bank AG has issued the card since 2010.
  • In the case of the UK and Ireland, sold to - Affiniture Cards.
North America
  • The Diners Card openly allied with Mastercard back in 2004.
  • The Bank of Montreal (BMO) owned the North American Franchise of Diners Club since 2009.
  • Expanded the consumer support base in Canada, by owning the enRoute credit card.

Types of Diners Club Cards

The Diners Club International offers two different types of consumer cards. Those are-

  • Premier Card: The consumers having a Diner Club Premiere card often earn one point per dollar, amazing car rental discounts, and airport lounge access, with about $95 annual fee.
  • Elite Card: The Diners Club elite card can be used for an approximate $300 annual fee. Also, the user earns 3 times points a dollar at gas stations, grocery, pharmacies, etc. You can also benefit from other exclusive premier card benefits.

Recently, there have been two more types of such Diner Club cards in the market. These two other types of credit cards are valid across the United States. Those are:

  • Standard Card: The standard Diners club card can be broken simply to use like a charge card or a credit card. In case, you use it as a credit card then the balance can be carried forward. But for charge cards, you should make prompt payments to have the full balance every month.
  • Carte Blanche Card: The Carte Blanche card initially shares all the benefits like a standard card. Along with that, you can also have personalized and seasonal benefits of a traveler, and likewise.

There are other corporate membership cards accessible for different businesses. There each business is ready to provide customized offerings. These offerings and deals also vary with each local Diner Club operator.

Diner Club Card Benefits

Owning a Diner Club Card is not about just owning a regular transaction card. You get to become a member of the international club in a way. Also, you can access the card for both businesses and during pleasure times.

1. Customized Offerings

One unique thing about using the club card is that the offerings are highly localized and therefore, serve immediate needs. While using the cards, you can relate them to your own culture and locality.

2. Backed by Global Acceptance

One of the prime reasons why you should become a cardholder is because these cards are accepted globally. Also, you don't have to worry about its reach because they have a larger network of over 45 million merchants.

3. Airport Lounge Access

Imagine having a long hectic flight journey and all you need is someplace to relax. Well, you can have good times and recover in over 1300 airports lounges by Diners club. They are located in both near and far distanced places.

4. Recreation and Fun Offers

Diners Club card holders from time to time get exclusive dining, traveling, and shopping advantages. Those amazing promotions and offerings are exclusively reserved for only cardholders.

5. Get Fee Waiver

Many localized Diner club cards associated with regional banks often get fee waivers during the time of renewal. Renowned banks like HDFC bank in India support such fee waiver policies.

Associated Fees

The charges associated with a Diners Club Card membership vary depending on the type of card you are using. Also, different banks and localities have their own associated rules and regulations. In general,

  • To get a Diners Club premier card membership in the USA, you have to spend $95 as an annual fee without any foreign transaction fee.
  • The Elite membership card would take $300 as their annual fee. But you can enjoy all the benefits of the premier card plus some more exclusive benefits.

How To Apply for a Diners Club Credit Card?

The entire process of applying for a Diners Club Card varies across countries. Every country has its offerings and terms and conditions.

  • Visit the official website of Diners club international (https://www.dinersclub.com ), and there run below, and tap on Apply now.
  • There from the drop-down menu, choose your country.
  • Immediately, it will take you to the associated national franchise site.
  • From there, follow the steps to get one Diners club credit card.

Anatomy of Diner Club International Credit Card

Like all other plastic payment cards, the Diner Club credit card has an interesting string of digits and patterns. Don't forget to check the pattern of these digits to prevent any kind of fraudulent activities.

The Trademark

Don't miss out on checking the trademark of the credit card. In this case, it would be the Diners Club International logo which should be there at the upper left corner of the card.

Expiry Date

Every valid credit card should mention the expiry of the card. Usually, it comes in mm/yy format. It either is imprinted on the front or back side of the card depending on the issuer.

The MII Number

MII stands for Majority Industry Identifier which stays the same for all Diner club cards. So, all your Diner club cards should start with 3 as a unique identifier of the card brand. Usually, you can find the 16 digits credit card number inscribed on the frontal face of the card.

The IIN or BIN Number

The IIN (Issuer Identification Number) or BIN (Bank Identification Number) is the five-six digits of the credit card number. So, after the MII it should include the unique identifier sequence of the respective bank. For example, 361116 is the IIN of the HDFC Black Diner club card.

Account Number

From the 7th to the 13th / 15th digit is your account number. It generally contains the PAN or Primary Account Number given by the bank to distinguish the account holder. These digits are extremely important and unique for all credit card holders.

The Check Digit

The last digit of your Diner Club credit card is your check digit number. Usually, it is calculated using the famous Luhn algorithm to the preceding account number of the card. The last digit usually detects the preceding series and digits and checks for typos, errors, etc.

How to Identify Diners Club Credit Card Number?

You can easily identify the Diners credit card number if you know certain features given below-

  • These credit card numbers are either 14 or 16 digits long depending on the locality and bank undertaken.
  • The MII number or the first number of the Diners club card is 3. So, make sure, the credit card number begins with 3.
  • You can locate the credit card number just above your name inscribed on the card.

All the Diners Club cards follow the same pattern and guidelines. We use these rules to validate a credit card and to generate a credit card number.

Fraud Prevention Measures for Diners Club Cards

Check the genuineness of the card by making sure that

  • It has the magnetic strip and the Diner Club International logo, with the name and world icon.
  • There must be a signature field at the back of the card along with the Diner Club logo.
  • The last four digits of your card should be inscribed in the signature field too.
  • Must clarify details like Member Since, Expiry Date, etc.

You should do other security checks including

  • As soon as you receive the card, don't forget to do your signature at the field. So, that it remains nontransferable.
  • Frame your security frame, in an order that it remains not too easy to guess it.
  • Stay alert and check messages and emails regularly, so you can trace and notify any fraudulent activity immediately.

How To Report Diners Club Credit Card Fraud?

For reporting any kind of fraud activities associated with a Diners Club Card, it's better to stay connected with the support team. Every country has well-trained and knowledgeable representatives. So, you can contact them in matters of lost or stolen cards, cards being canceled, or any other unusual circumstances.

Here's how to connect them-

  • Step 1. Visit Diners Club International website. (https://www.dinersclub.com ).
  • Step 2. Once you can access the home page, tap on the top right corner > Help.
  • Step 3. Scroll below to the Local Service. There tap on the Choose Your Country menu.
  • Step 4. From there, choose your country. For example, once you tap India, you will find customer service contact information there. Now, call the number and report your problem.

The cardholders also known as the club members of the Diners Club cards have access to some of the exclusive benefits. They can become members of golf clubs, restaurant discounts, airport lounges, and more. These cards also back up certain car and air accident coverings. The cardholder can access both local and global benefits accordingly.

Hope you are able to generate Diners Club cards from our platform. You can also use our Chrome Extension to generate cards directly whenever you want. Please support us on ProductHunt.