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About American Express Credit Card Generator

American Express is an American multinational financial service provider that issues electronic payment card systems and travel cheques. The payment card is also known as the ‘Amex' card. By continuously providing fully dedicated customer services, the company has ranked in the top position among other American companies in terms of customer satisfaction.

American Express issues charge cards, credit cards etc in America and all around the world. This New York-based financial company has a good processing service network that makes the lending process swifter.

Our credit card generator tool generates american express card numbers you can use in your application payments testing. You are just one click away from creating a valid and free Amex card number with CVV, zip code and address.

How to Use This American Express Card Generator?

Our simple and easy to use interface allows you to create unlimited free Amex card numbers.

  • On the top of this credit card generator, Find ‘Card Selection’ drop down. Choose ‘American Express’ from the list.
  • Click on the Generate button.
  • On the right side, you will find a credit card with card number, cvv on it. Use the copy symbol to copy the card number to clipboard.

We also have Copy and Download buttons to get the complete card details in text format. You will find Address, CVV, Zip code and all the other details a regular American Express credit card possess.

History and Evolution of American Express

American Express is one of the oldest brands in America as it was founded in 1850 in Buffalo, New York as an express mail dispatcher. Later, it started to work in the financial and travel sectors in the early 20th century.

In 1891, it issued a Travellers’ cheque for the security of finance for customers who wanted to make an adventure abroad.

Later, the company started to offer exciting trips and tours and expanded its travel office locations in Hong Kong, Manila and Buenos Aires.

Gradually charge cards, gold cards, green cards, platinum cards and centuries cards came into existence. With the introduction of charge cards first in the U.S. and Canada, customers found a better way to conduct payments. The card facility became available in South America and Europe afterwards. The expansion of card facilities reached every corner of the world after 1990.

Even the reward programs of this company helped to gain more attention from people worldwide. By 1972, American Express started to collaborate with other financial institutions to grow the card issuing services by introducing independent card service programs in Venezuela and Yugoslavia. The broad step for expanding the company all over the world was the foundation of the Global Network Services group in 1997.

Afterwards, the American Express application was launched to manage accounts, pay bills, check balances etc. easily. Today, it has 121.7 million cardholders globally including about 56.3 million American cardholders.

Types of American Express Cards

You can find different types of cards such as credit cards, debit cards, charge cards, prepaid cards etc. in American Express. There are many varieties of credit cards from this valuable company. It also issues travel credit cards for people tending to explore abroad with good financial security.

  • Credit Cards: Amex offers Credit cards like Platinum cards, Travel Credit cards, and Reward credit cards. Platinum Credit Cards enhance your lifestyle by assisting you 24 hours for any events or making reservations. Besides, you can get travel benefits, movie ticket vouchers, discounts on preferred hotels etc. Travel credit cards enhance the happy feeling of your travelling by adding many additional vouchers.
  • Prepaid Debit Card: American Express usually provides three types of debit cards. American Express Serve, American Express Serve Reload and American Express Serve Cash Back are the Prepaid Debit Cards of this company.
  • Gift Cards: You can get Personal Gift Cards and Business Gift Cards. Business Gift Cards are for rewarding employees and customers and the Personal Gift Cards are specially designed cards for gifts.
  • Charge Cards: Charge cards of American Express are mainly Platinum and Gold.

These are the card divisions of American Express. These cards provide a wide range of benefits to users. Also, you can get huge rewards if you use the cards regularly. Many of them also contain travel rewards.

Benefits of using American Express Cards

American Express has various credit cards, charge cards, prepaid cards etc. with a wide range of facilities. These cards will be beneficial to you if you are a good shopper. Lots of privileges, discounts, and rewards are given if regular spending milestones are achieved by someone. Several cards provide exciting travel rewards too.

Platinum Charge Card- If you want to enjoy the facilities given by American Express cards, you must know about their benefits in your life. You can enjoy its all-new Platinum card benefits. This is a charge card with no pre-set sending limit. There is no limit to purchasing power. You can get access to over 1300 finest Airport Lounges worldwide.

American Express Smart Earn Credit Card- There are many other gift vouchers for Smart Earn Credit Card users.

American Express Gold Card- This is a Charge Card with no pre-set spending limit. You can also redeem points from the 18 and 24 Karat Gold collections. Travel benefits are included in it.

American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card- You can get reward points by performing monthly spending milestones and card renewals.

These are the benefits of using American Express cards. Apart from the above-mentioned cards, you must explore some other American Express cards with different benefits and rewards.

Popular Banks that use American Express

American Express is a popular brand used by millions of people worldwide. Several Banks provide American Express cards. Such popular banks are listed below.

  1. U.S. Bank
  2. USAA
  3. Navy Federal
  4. American Express National Bank

These banks issue American Express credit or debit cards and help people to acquire their benefits.

You can issue cards from any part of the world. The popular regions are Africa & Middle East, Asia Pacific, America and Europe. About 100 counties have an American Express card system. India, Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, France, Indonesia, UAE and other prominent countries come under the available countries list of American Express.

Anatomy of American Express Credit Cards

American Express Credit Cards have some important factors that help to analyse its design. The main feature of American Express Credit Cards is that it has a 15-digits card number. The following points must be beneficial for you for understanding the anatomy of American Express Credit Cards.

  • All the cards' numbers start with ‘34’ or ‘37’. The total number of digits for all Amex cards is 15.
  • There are 3 blocks of 4, 6 and 5 digits in it from the left side.
  • The cardholder’s name is always present in the bottom left corner of the card.
  • The card expiration date is present above the cardholder’s name in mm/yy format.
  • The signature field can be seen below the magnetic strip like Visa or MasterCard.
  • You can find its account opening date on the right side of the expiration date.
  • The card Identification Number of the American Express Credit Card is located on the left or right side of the card's face. It is always a 4-digit number in this case.
  • You can find a Centurion image which is phosphorescent in some cards.
  • Some cards can have a hologram of the Centurion image in the magnetic strip.

How to identify an American Express Credit Card Number?

If you want to know about specific features that help to identify an American Express credit card, you have to pay attention to the discussion below.

American Express Credit Cards have 15-digit numbers beginning with ’37’ or ‘34’. You must follow the IIN numbers of it. Usually, the first 6 digits of the total 15 digits represent the IIN number.

You can observe the logo of American Express. Also, the CVV number of these cards are usually 4-digit numbers.

Using these set of guidelines, we create Amex credit card numbers which are valid as per the rules but you will not be able to make any payments with this card except for sandbox payment testing.

You can also check the validity of a credit card with - credit card validator

Security Measures for American Express Cards

American Express provides you with a wide range of security in case of credit card fraud. The fraudster usually tries to steal your personal information like your password and CVV number.

There are American Express fraud protection techniques that work 365×7 to keep you safe. The main technologies for security are chip technology and Card Identification numbers or CID.

Chip technology is used for the creation of one-time-use encrypted code at the time of making transactions. It helps to verify your account's description immediately. The one-time-use encrypted code is generated whenever you make a transaction and the fraudster fails to counterfeit your card. CID is another level of security to defeat fraudsters.

While log in to your account, your credit card is prevented from fraud by American Express in a few ways. Website security, automatic time-outs and password recovery confirmations are the prominent security features in such cases.

Besides, you can enable an option to send emails or messages whenever your account experiences irregular account activities, cash advances, foreign transactions, purchases over a set price etc.

Preventive Measures

You must follow the preventive measures listed below.

  • You should monitor your account regularly for unusual activity.
  • You must complete your account information without making any mistakes.
  • Passwords and PINs must be given stronger. It must prevent you from easy fraud.
  • Avoid clicking on random links.
  • Enable email or message-sending options for any kind of abnormal behaviour in your account.
  • Set a limited price for any kind of purchase.
  • Keep your personal information secure.

How to report American Express Credit Card fraud?

If you want to know how to report suspicious activity in American Express, you need to go through the entire discussion. You need to be very careful about any kind of personal information such as credit card details. If your account is witnessing some irregular activities, you need to inquire about its securities.

Whenever an American Express cardholder loses his or her card or feels to become a victim of any fraud, he or she needs to acquire help from the scrutiny team. In this case, you have to call 1-800-528-4800 or log in to your account and chat live. If you are not able to recognise any transaction on your account, you must call this number.

Try out our American Express card generator to create free Amex credit card numbers for payment flow testing in applications. Let us know your thoughts!!